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Getting ready to add these to the edge of the Bulwarks as Gunwales.

They’re 1mm x 2mm Walnut Strips.

I have a feeling that these are going to take me a day or so to put these in because it’s small intricate work. After that I’m going to put in the pin rails on the sides in the after section before I put in the handrails on the top of the Columns.

I suppose they’re going in fast enough… Hmmm… 🤔😲🤭

I found that Dap Weldwood Contact Cement is what works the best here. I would imagine that Aleene’s Rapid Dry probably would work as well but the Dap is less messy I’ve found.

Starboard side Gunwale complete

I ended up putting in the Waterway on the bottom part of the Gunwale. I was debating whether to make this addition or not and I went ahead and put them in. Each section being cut out individually.

These were glued in using SuperGlue. Notice each section was cut out individually.

This was a real eye strain, let me tell you!

Port side Gunwale next to Ladder

I’m using SuperGlue for this work.

So… I inadvertently put the outside of the Gunwale in first before the inside like on the Starboard side. I’m thinking that I kind of like it this way better and I’m just going to keep going like this. It’s barely noticeable anyway… Just only to a very very close eye.

Main Deck Scribing

I was looking at the Main Deck and I noticed that it had some black smudge marks from the #6B Pencil that I used to Scribe the edges of all the Deck Planks.

I’ve been reluctant to sand it because sanding will often ruin the scribing effect. I went ahead and sanded it anyway with a bit of 220 grit sandpaper.

As expected, the sanding gave it an uneven look… One part being sanded and the rest unsanded.

So, I took my toothbrush and I went over the Deck to get all the sawdust out. By doing this… it made it have a more even appearance.

The bit around the Mizzen Mast hole is where I sanded, then used my Toothbrush.

Hand Rail Columns

I realize I haven’t updated this blog in awhile…

I’ve been making these Hand Rail Columns along the length of both Bulwarks, coming down from the Poop Deck. I made the Taffrail supports out of some 2mm x 3mm Stock.

Taffrail supports
Handrail Columns
These Columns lined up pretty good on the Port side… Not so much could be said of the Starboard side though.
Starboard side is going to require adjustments. I already made one on the 2nd Column by adding another 1.5mm piece to it to push it out a bit more.

I was telling my son yesterday that I think I messed up on these Handrails. I made the Bulwark a bit too high.

Although… Looking at the table for this ship, the Handrails are high anyway for the scale of this ship at 1/75 scale. The men would have to reach above their heads in order to reach it. So, I figure that these Handrails are meant more for when the men are climbing so I don’t mind it being a bit higher.

I’ve kind of messed up this model anyway with the Gun Ports. The Gun Ports the way they are do annoy me and they probably will keep annoying me ’til the end. However, I’m going to keep working on it just because, just because…

Ladders to Poop Deck

I suppose I should get caught up. I installed these Ladders going up to the Poop deck.

Ladders going up to Stern Deck

I used six 3mm x 3mm Walnut Strips for this, angling it at the Bulwark with my Sander.

In naval architecture, a poop deck is a deck that forms the roof of a cabin built in the rear, or “aft“, part of the superstructure of a ship.

The name originates from the French word for sternla poupe, from Latin puppis. Thus the poop deck is technically a stern deck, which in sailing ships was usually elevated as the roof of the stern or “after” cabin, also known as the “poop cabin”. On sailing ships, the helmsman would steer the craft from the quarter deck, immediately in front of the poop deck. At the stern, the poop deck provides an elevated position ideal for observation.

Bulwark and Gun Ports

Starting work on the Bulwark which will continue down from the Quarterdeck and ending at the 1st set of Gun Ports Port and Starboard.

The instructions say for them to be 9mm wide.

It begins with these Strips of 3mm x 1mm Walnut Strips that line the bottom of this section.

Ok… I’m not even sure that this is the way it’s supposed to go… But I’m just doing it like this because I think it’s cool looking.

I cut the Gun Port out with an Xacto blade
Bulwarks and Gun Ports done