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Strake #9 & #10

Rubber Band Vise

I couldn’t find a convenient way to hold these Planks to form them on the Transom so I utilized a couple of Bamboo Sticks with Rubber Band to hold it.

They seemed to have bent good

I almost used my Steam Iron to help bend it but I found I could bend it without heat. It only broke a little…

That’s the only crack

Easy to repair that crack.

What I was most worried about was the hard bending as it goes around the Bulkheads. But it seemed to have turned out okay… .. 🙄🤔👍

Not too bad…

This Rubber Band Vise is coming in handy… 🤔🙄👍

I’m thinking I might need another Cheater??? 🤔🙄

Bow portion shaping

This is the #9 Strake Bow portion. I went from 16cm out from center to center at 2.85mm.

All in all, this was an easy Steaks except for the Stern portion which was a monster! ..

#10 Strake Port Side
Bamboo and Rubber Band Vise
Strake #10 done

I added those Holes to provide anchor points for Vises.

Strakes #7 & #8

Tapering into middle

I am going to Taper the 5mm Plank from the middle out to 16cm each side. I then run the taper in so that the center width is 2.85mm

Center width 2.85mm WA
Bending Bow
Making Cheaters

I had to make some Cheaters for the #7 Strake because the bend at the last Stern Bulkhead became too severe.

Bending #7 & #8 Planks

#7 has become a Cheater and there is 1 less Plank. So I guess I’ll have to take that into account for future Plank measurements. 🤔🙄

Rough gluing to Transom Port Side

Above includes the #7 Plank that becomes a Cheater and the next Plank down is #8.

After this whole thing is dry, I am going to do a Cut-out along the last Bulkhead so the Planks will tuck in under the Rudder Plate. .. which I haven’t installed yet.

#7 Strake Port side done…

I have an idea about how to do the #8 Strake going to the Bow. I will Pre-Taper it from 16cm from Center from 5mm to 2.85mm

Using Dowel to extend Reach

I probably have to figure out a way to make a Base for the Vise… This will “Do” for now… 🤔🙄😲

I’m sneaking in another Plank Bend…
#8 Strake Starboard side done

Bow Planking #5 Strake Cheater

I was looking at the Bow and it appears time for a Cheater.

Bow #5 Plank Tapered

I am Tapering from #3 Bulkhead to the Prow from 5mm down to ~ 2.85mm > Which equates to 14 Planks to fit in a space of 40mm at the Bow.

The 14 Planks come from 70mm from either the Keel to the Temporary Batten OR 70mm from the bottom of the straight Planks that have no Tapering.

Cheater for #5

Strakes 3 & 4

Shape Bending Strakes 3 & 4

I had these next 2 Strakes soaking since yesterday so it has been close to 24 hours!

Starboard side Strake #3
Port Side Strake #3

I’m kind of sick of what happened… I had to use a Cheater on the Port Side which doesn’t even up with the Starboard…

Meh… Most of the Ships had some sort of unevenness.

Long Cheater

I had to make a long Cheater for Strake #3 in order to even it out.

I ordered some .6x5mm Maple Wood for the 2nd Planking.

#4 Strake

I just made 1 long piece and bent it around the Hull for these initial Strakes.

#4 Bow
#4 Strake Port Side
Starboard Side #4 Strake
Starboard Side done… It’s a lot cleaner than the Port. .. 🙄🤔
Port Side. .. Not as clean. .. 🙄🤔😫