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I am adding my first Cheater so the upper quadrant Stern Section doesn’t bend so much.

Wedge as Cheater

I made a Wedge that is approximately 13 Cm long from where it’s 5 mm all the way to the end of the wedge which is basically a thin piece to fill in the gap as good as possible.

There is a slight gap which I’ll cover with Putty

2 Long Cheaters
Gluing in long Cheater

Hull Planking Upper Quadrant

#4 Plank
Waiting for Contact Cement to dry. ..
My Pug Hally wanting to help! ..

I really love Dap Weldwood Contact Cement for gluing the bow planks. ..

Creative Vising – You can see that the left side Vise is pushing down on the Plank with gravity, while at the same time Vising across the Stern.

I couldn’t believe that I broke the last connection while I was experimenting around with using the last extended Plank as sort of a Vising device.

Lower Gun Deck Planking

Began Planking Lower Gun Deck
I cut out the Gun Port previous to Planking
I use Contact Cement on the Bow

I use Titebond Translucent Wood Glue for the rest.

4 Planks down
4 Planks down

Like I mentioned before, I use Dap Contact Cement for the Bow Section. I swear it’s a miracle Glue! Holds really strong!

Then for the rest, I use Titebond Translucent Glue. I love this Glue! Very strong holding once set.

I plank over the Gun Port, then Saw it out.