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Spanker Vangs

So this is the very last part I need to finish and then I’m done except for the Stand.

Vangs from the end of the Gaff to the set of Blocks that go to either side
Goes down to that Cleat

I had a bit of a difficult time getting the string around the Cleat but I twisted it with some pliers and worked it around.

Main Sheet Clueline and Tack

I kind of got caught up and just continued on without recording it. So I’m going to hurry up and get caught up.

Anyway, this is all the tackle for the Main Sheet Clueline. It is secured to the Hull using a Ring on the lower end and it goes into a Hole in the side of the Hull so that it can be pulled.

Goes through Ring from lower hull to a Block and it doubles back into the Hole in Hull
Forward part
Triangle Block set of Blocks