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Mizzen Top Mast Ratlines

Futtock Stave

I just used a piece of Toothpick for the Futtock Stave. I used Contact Cement to hold it on there and some Superglue.

Futtock Stave in as well as Futtock Shrouds
Starboard side done
Port Futtock Stave

So… I was thinking to myself that the Stage wasn’t exactly straight?… I’m not redoing it though… Look

Imagine having to climb up and down these Ratlines all the time!… 🙄😲🤔

Mizzen Top Mast

I started this whole thing by aligning all the Deadeyes into the proper position and then Supergluing it into position.

I had a problem with some of my earlier ones where the Superglue plugged up the Deadeyes holes so I made sure they were open by pushing through a Needle through each hole.

Deadeyes being glued into position

Making Deadeyes
Mizzen Top Mast Shrouds done

Fore Topmast Shrouds

First 2 Deadeyes

On these Fore Topmast Shrouds, I put the smaller Deadeyes in with the anchor through the side of the Top. I had to put some Superglue on them to hold them tight.

I use a Clove Hitch with several loops. Then I fix the knot with Superglue. I found that Superglue works pretty good for this work… Although be careful not to bend it else it will break.

What I do is to tie a Clove hitch around a loop, then I pull it tight and cinch the knot.

Spacing Jig for Topmast Shrouds

Port side done
Starboard side done…

Mizzen Mast Shrouds

After a bit of a break, I’m back to working on the Mizzen Mast Ratlines. I was holding off on it until I finished the rigging for the Spanker.

Here I have the first 2 sets done…

Starting on Mizzen Mast Shrouds
Mizzen Mast Shrouds done

I had a couple of do overs… When I mistakenly looped the last Shroud under the Gaff Boom Stay. And also I used a Square Knot around the Mast so I couldn’t get it adequately tight enough so I had to take it all apart and I used a simple loop which worked nicely to be tightened on both sides.


I had to order these Cleats from Model Expo… Here’s the Link… Model Expo Cleats

They’re made out of Cast Peuter and some of them are pretty messy. Here’s a picture of some of them…

Peuter Cleats

I prefer something a bit more solid but what are you gonna do? I tried to clean them up as good as possible.

I added these Cleats to the Poop Deck. I kind of goofed on it a bit and it is too close to the Stern Taffrail.