Making the Courses for the Ratlines

I’m right in the middle of a process that requires quite a lot of patience. I’m glowing all the courses across the stage to make the Ratlines.

This process does take a lot of patience as far as the model maker goes. But I like these times because it causes you to extreme concentration and you can go into meditative State while working on the model. I suppose a similar to highway hypnosis. So during those times, I have to watch myself that I know just be going through autopilot and end up making something that I didn’t mean to create.

For example, while I was gluing the courses for the ratline, I noticed that I was getting a little closer and closer together every time so I had to really watch myself to use my 5 mm Plank Board to measure every rung.

But, I do enjoy the long creative processing periods. All right office turn on my YouTube and let it run through my classical music selections.

Funny thing about YouTube. I’m kind of now in a classical music glue. Work you playing the same thing all the time and I know every song but hard and they’re coming along with it.

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