Pill Bottle Contact Cement Brush Holder

I drilled a Hole in the Lid of this Pill Bottle making it air tight (sort of) .. That way I can use it to Hold the Brush and not have it bumping against the side, making the Handle Sticky. .. 🤔🙄😫

Hole holds the Brush

This way, the Brush stays moist and won’t dry up. 🤔👍

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Second Planking Planks A – E

I put my Brush in a Large Pill Bottle so that it would stay moist the entire time I’m using it. Otherwise, if you leave it out, it will dry on you.

Pill Bottle for Glue and Brush
First Strake in

I’m using the .5mm x 5mm Sapelle Wood for the outer layer. It’s very similar to Mahogany. I had to special order some from eBay.

I am going to go with convention and call the Garboard Strake as the A Plank.

Port side

I glued in 5 Strakes without any Tapers. But now I will have to Taper down to 3.33mm to make them all fit to where the Wale are.

I wasn’t liking how the Planks met the Stem so I ended up putting Fillers in the Gaps.


It’s got a rough look but I like it. You have to figure a Ship like the HMS Endeavor was going to take a lot of punishment, going down to the Antarctic, etc. 🤔🙄😲


Garboard strakes or A strakes. The next two are the first broad or B strake and second broad or C strake. Working upward come the bottom strakes, lowers, bilge strakes, topside strakes, and uppers also named sequentially as the D strake, E strake, etc. The uppermost along the topsides is called the sheer strake. Strakes are joined to the stem by their hood ends.

A-F done both sides
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Temporary Wale

I have been touching up with the Sanding and looking at the bare sanded ship now for a better part of two days. .. Thinking about how the next stage is going to go. 🙄🤔

Blank 1st Planking

This next Stage is pretty interesting but it takes a bit of preplanning.

First, I have to determine the line where the Wale, aka Rubbing Strakes, is going to run.

46mm to the top of the Wales

From the top of the Forecastle Bulwarks to the beginning of the top of the Wales is 46mm.

Temporary Wale with Pins
Starboard side Temporary Wale

I did take some measurements but mostly I did it by eyeballing it and gave the Wale a nice bend to make it look more rakish and nautical.

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DAP Plastic Wood

I had a couple of spots that I needed to use this DAP Plastic Wood as Wood Putty.

Check out the Hyperlink for a link to DAP.

DAP Plastic Wood

I used it on my Bow at the very bottom where the fairing needed straightening out.

Putty on Bow Port side
Bow Starboard side

And on the Stern for a couple of Spots…

Stern Port side
Stern Starboard

The idea is to use as little Putty as possible. Which is why I bought the 3oz Tube. It tends to dry out if you leave it for too long. 🤔🙄

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After following the Instructions and the diagrams, I have come to find out that the Instructions were very deficient! ..

Now I’m having to rework the Bulwarks on both the Quarterdeck and Poop Deck, Main Deck and the Forecastle.

Gluing in Plank against the Bulwarks
Bending Plank for Forecastle Bulwarks
Made a little Wedge to raise the Bulwark up 1 mm
Clamping in

I will Plane the excess down and sand it.

Bulwarks forward part of Ship
Bulwarks Stern portion
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Stern Pre-Sanding

I went over the entire Ship with 120 Grit. Now, I’m going through with my 220 Grit and just using Sandpaper without a Block.

Starboard side Pre-Sanding
So far…
Port side Pre-Sanding
Port side so far
Stuff like this I try to sand out
Bow Pre-Sanding
Bow so far

Me Sanding the Hull . ..

Sanding the Hull
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Wooden Stand ..

Wooden Stand

I threw out the old Cardboard Shoe Box that I was using. ..

I built this simple Wooden Stand around 3 or 4 Ships ago… . 🤔🙄

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