Hand Rails for Hatch

Moving along from the Jolly Boat… Phew… I’m glad that’s over!!!

I probably should have put the handrails along the hatch before I put the boat in but I just wanted to get the boat out of the way..

Priming the Posts for the Hand rails

I ended up breaking one and I tried drilling it out and ended up drilling into the deck… Ugh… It’s barely noticeable so I’m just going to leave it…

Hand Rails in

Ship’s Boat / Jolly Boat

I had to mix some paint in order to get this color. It’s called Chestnut Brown and I put just a drop of black in it.

Adding 1x1mm Walnut for bottom

I found that Contact Cement works great here. I’ll harden it later with Superglue.

I decided to Paint the Hull White and Black.

Above waterline section painted
Finally got all the athwart boards in…
Jolly Boat in Hold

Notice the Rings I put in. I had to put them in a piece of wood, then glue it on to the Rail of the boat. It’s barely noticeable.


I’m finally getting around to attaching the Rudder. I’ve been delaying it until I finished most of the “on my lap” parts. Which means, I would work on it on my lap.

I’m going to first take the thickness of the Rudder down a bit… Perhaps by 3/4 of its size to start before attaching the Rudder Pintles.

I can’t really put the Gudgeons on the Stempost beforehand.

Bees Wax to hold it for sanding

I’m making these Pintles out of this laser cut sheet of brass. Then I stuck a #18 Wire in there to act as the Pin that will fit in the Gudgeons that glue into the Stern Post.

All the Pintles are done
Making the Gudgeons
Rudder in
I painted the Waterline in


Bending these 2 Walnut 1x3mm for the after Handrails.

As before with bending, I soaked them in Ammonia + Water for a couple of hours.

Have to let it set hard
Port side in
Making sure it’s nice and set before proceeding
Fwd Starboard Handrail

I had to use some flexible beechwood which I cut down to approximately 1x3mm

Bending it around

I swear this Flexible Beechwood works great for this sort of application.

The only drawback is that it’s really expensive. The only source I could find for it was from Modelers Central and I’d say just for a couple of strips it cost me about $30 bucks!