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I’m finally getting around to attaching the Rudder. I’ve been delaying it until I finished most of the “on my lap” parts. Which means, I would work on it on my lap.

I’m going to first take the thickness of the Rudder down a bit… Perhaps by 3/4 of its size to start before attaching the Rudder Pintles.

I can’t really put the Gudgeons on the Stempost beforehand.

Bees Wax to hold it for sanding

I’m making these Pintles out of this laser cut sheet of brass. Then I stuck a #18 Wire in there to act as the Pin that will fit in the Gudgeons that glue into the Stern Post.

All the Pintles are done
Making the Gudgeons
Rudder in
I painted the Waterline in


Attaching the Deadwood with the Rudder will eventually attach to.

I needed this on before proceeding any further since I need to both work on it and make my measurements with it in place.

I will eventually be taking a lot of wood off from it. Since the Planking will go over it, I need to thin it put to compensate for it.

I’ll take off approximately 1/2 off the thickness of the Deadwood.

Then, after I install the Planking, I’ll be able to sand it down so the thickness will be even with the Rudder.

Clamping on Deadwood
This is how much wood I’m taking off the Deadwood
I took down the Deadwood from 4mm to 2mm