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Mizzen Main Sail Yard

5mm Dowel in my Proxxon Lathe

I’m getting to where I can eyeball the widths pretty good and only need Calipers every once in awhile.

This Dowel was 5mm thick and I brought it down to 3mm. But I started 15mm from center. The middle bit is left thick.

Dowel Tapered from 5mm to 3mm starting from 15mm from center…
I notch the ends 5mm from end…

I use an Xacto blade and File for the notching.

Attaching to Mizzen Mast

Gun Ports Starboard Side

I was just thinking to myself that I’m going in a semi-assembly line process instead of each door seperately.

What I mean is… I first sprayed all the Guns…

Black Spray Paint

Then I drilled all pf the upper rope holes for the Doors.

2 Holes above each door
First 4 Guns installed

I use Aleene’s Rapid Dry for this. Apply it to the Carriage and to the Gun. Waiting time is 2 minutes.

It has a rubbery feel at first, but once it sets, it sets strong. It’s rubbery so you have a bit of wiggle space.

Really, not much of it is visible. ..

Here is my review of it… Aleene’s Rapid Dry Glue

First one…
First 7 done on Starboard side…

So these Gun Port Doors. They require custom work on all of them because I first have to adjust the Widths so that they’re the same as the Gun Ports.

I figured out that if I make the “Hinges” the little slat that I glue on the end and put 2 wires to simulate Hinges. I taper these 2 Slates so that when I insert them into the Gun Ports, they slide right in.

Last 2 left on Starboard side…
Gun Ports Starboard side done…

Gun Port Making Process

Drill 2 Holes above Gun Port where the Wire that simulates Rope goes through…

1mm Drill for Pull Ropes
Around 1mm up and 1mm in

Then, I sand the Gun Port Door so it it the same width as the Gun Port Hole.

I cut a strip of wood… 1mmx1.5mm to act as a “Hinge”… Then I apply Dap Weldwood Contact Cement to both sides.

In the meantime, also put some on the Gold Wire that will simulate a Hinge.

Make sure the Gun is in there first. I use Aleene’s Rapid Dry. Apply to both sides and wait around 2 minutes.

Gun in…
Drill holes through…
Make 2 Eye Bolts with Thin Wire…
I use a combo of Contact Cement and Super Glue
Gold Wire to simulate Hinges

ForeMast Backstays

I had to completely redo some of the Deadeyes and also the Block and Tackle for these Backstays.

I don’t know how I managed to put the big Deadeyes in instead of the small ones.

Then… I rigged the Backstays and ended up pulling so hard that I bent the Top Gallant Mast. So, I ended up taking it all apart and starting over again.

Starboard side
Block and Tackle
Port side
From Top Gallant
ForeMast Back Stays