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Looping Line To Belaying Pin

I had to experiment around with a few different techniques to be able to tie the line around the Belaying Pin. This is the method that works for me.

First I make a Loop on the string and pinch it between some Surgical Clamps… Unclamped
Then I hook the Loop underneath the Belaying Pin and at the same time, gently pulling back with my other hand on the String while slowly letting go the Clamp
String pulled back after hooking underneath the Belaying Pin
Then I put a Clamp on it to add tension to give me time to add the Transparent Wood Glue
Just a drop in the end of a Wooden Skewer
I dab it underneath the Belaying Pin to hold it
Sometimes a Grab Hook helps in looping

I have done the looping on the top side of the Belaying Pin both with some Tweezers or a Grab Hook.

I cut the String and dab a bit of CA Glue to the outside of it and push the string against it

Crossjack / Mizzen Topsail Braces

Blocks attached to the rearmost Shroud on the Main Mast Lower Shrouds

Cross-jack – The lower yard on the mizzen or aftermost mast of a ship-rigged sailing vessel to spread the sheets of the mizzen topsail. It was so called because the term mizzen yard was in use for the lateen sail which was later replaced by the trapezoidal spanker sail set under a gaff. From about 1800 some ships set a square sail called the cross-jack from the cross-jack yard but it had limited use because of the interference with the spanker.

Cross-jack Braces

Fore Mast Running Rigging

I have been away from progressing on my Ship while I was morning the loss of my dog Toby.

I’ve finally finished the Main Mast rigging and am now starting on the Fore Mast.

Fore Gallant Sail Lifts
Forecep pulling down on Line

I have started using Translucent White Glue to Fix these loops and knots instead of Superglue because Superglue makes them go too hard and brittle. I just snapped a Block just now and had to redo the entire thing.

Loop for Gallant Sail Lift.
Blocks for Fore MainSail Lifts
Fore MainSail Lifts
Lift Lines coming down to the Fore Mast Bit
Rope Coils under forward Bit
Fore Mast Rigging done

Fore Mast Main Sail Yard Redo

I had to take down the entire Main Sail Yard… Ugh…

I found I had a crossed line on the Port Side Jeers and I simply couldn’t live with it.

While in the process of redoing it, I decided to add a Sling as well as redoing the Parrels.

Previous Parrels are on the right.

Now, I’ve got the added complication of 2 more Strings.

I decided not to come all the way down with the Parrels and just tie it off at the Spar. I don’t know… I haven’t decided yet.

Hoisting thr Yard using the Jeer rigging

I also slung the Sling through the hole in the Top.

Sling where it attaches to Yard
Sling over End Cap
Sling wrapping around Yard

Main Main Sail Yard

Fresh off the Lathe

I use Contact Cement for the Lathes in the Center
Middle section waiting for Battens
Put Battens in the Center
Put in Irons at 32mm from beginning of notch at end
Wound Black String to simulate Metal Bands

I put those Wedges there to make the Stunsail more perpendicular. I think it gives it a better look.

Attached Stunsails

I used some Contact Cement on the tops of the Wedges and end of the Stunsails. Then once in, I can make little adjustments before fixing it with Superglue.

Lashed ends of Stunsails
Attaching Parrels
Attaching Jeers
Foot Ropes and Block on end
Ready to hang…
Starboard Jeers hanging…