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Main Mast Ratlines

Futtock Staves with catharpins
Installing Futtock Shrouds

I decided to not use the Hooks for the tops of the Futtock Shrouds. In this scale the Hooks too too much room because I’m going to be putting Ratlines on the Futtock Shrouds as well…

Notice the internal Ratlines. I was tempted to leave it at 4 going up but I decided to add another one on top. Can’t let my guys be climbing up the Ratlines unsafely… LOLOLOL!!!… 🤭😲🤣

Beginning work on outer Ratlines
Futtock Shrouds Ratlines done… Ugh… 🤭
Starboard side done…
Port side done
I use this paper clip to measure the distance between the Ratlines.

Main Mast Shrouds New Strings

For whatever reason, I lost my .7mm Hemp line somewhere so I decided to try these Stroud’s with my new Griffin Synthetic Line that I bought from Model Expo.

At first, I was skeptical because I liked how the Hemp line bends and stays that way while the synthetic line doesn’t bend at all.

So… I had to change my technique.

First thing I did was to put a line around it to hold it while I’m getting the measurement with my spacing jig.

Clove Hitch holds it nice and tight

I used a Clove Hitch because I don’t have to redo it… I just keep tying French Loops until I get the desired Seizing.

I then use another String to Seize the Deadeye into place and use French Loops to tighten up on it… And on the bottom, just do a Half Hitch to hold it in place.

Then the top one, I pull down on it and add a couple more half hitches.

Superglue and PVA glue

I finish it a drop of PVA glue on the knots… Which are translucent and invisible. Then… I like to put a small drop on the black part between knots to hold it.

Nice and tight
I was quite proud of this one…
Pulling with Deadeye Jig… Then tying it off with a Clove Hitch
Starboard set of 3rd Pair

Listening to Mozart

Main Mast Top

The top on a traditional square rigged ship, is the platform at the upper end of each (lower) mast. The main purpose of the top is to anchor the shrouds of the topmast that extends above it. Shrouds down to the side of the hull would be at too acute an angle from the mast, so struts running out from the mast are added to take the place of the hull for a smaller copy (the topmast) of the lower mast and its rigging. Placing a few timbers between these struts produces a useful platform, the top. The futtock shrouds carry the load of the upper shrouds into the mast below.

Just adding these .5x4mm Lathes to the Top.

.5x5mm Walnut Planking
1x1mm Walnut Strips

Figures… I ran out of the 1x1mm Strips in the kit so I had to make some more put of some 1x3mm Strips I had left over. I swear, Mamoli sure does chince you out of wood!!!

Edge made from .5x5mm Walnut strips

I used Dap Weldwood Contact Cement for gluing the Strips. Then I hardened it with some Superglue.

Braces for Top
2x5mm Standoff

I needed something to stand off the Upper Mast to make it even and found some 2x5mm wood which was perfect.

For the foot grips on the deck of the Top, I used just Titebond Yellow cement. For the edging, as I mentioned, I use Dap Weldwood Contact Cement. I love using Contact cement for work like this because it leaves you with a lot of jiggle time. Then when I’m satisfied with how it fits, I use a bit of Superglue to harden it. Just dribbling along the seams.

I was just thinking to myself that all this edging and the foot grips and everything is probably there so that if a Sailor does drop something by chance it won’t fall all the way to the deck.

Finished Main Top