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Main Mast Shrouds New Strings

For whatever reason, I lost my .7mm Hemp line somewhere so I decided to try these Stroud’s with my new Griffin Synthetic Line that I bought from Model Expo.

At first, I was skeptical because I liked how the Hemp line bends and stays that way while the synthetic line doesn’t bend at all.

So… I had to change my technique.

First thing I did was to put a line around it to hold it while I’m getting the measurement with my spacing jig.

Clove Hitch holds it nice and tight

I used a Clove Hitch because I don’t have to redo it… I just keep tying French Loops until I get the desired Seizing.

I then use another String to Seize the Deadeye into place and use French Loops to tighten up on it… And on the bottom, just do a Half Hitch to hold it in place.

Then the top one, I pull down on it and add a couple more half hitches.

Superglue and PVA glue

I finish it a drop of PVA glue on the knots… Which are translucent and invisible. Then… I like to put a small drop on the black part between knots to hold it.

Nice and tight
I was quite proud of this one…
Pulling with Deadeye Jig… Then tying it off with a Clove Hitch
Starboard set of 3rd Pair

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