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Hull Planking Upper Quadrant

#4 Plank
Waiting for Contact Cement to dry. ..
My Pug Hally wanting to help! ..

I really love Dap Weldwood Contact Cement for gluing the bow planks. ..

Creative Vising – You can see that the left side Vise is pushing down on the Plank with gravity, while at the same time Vising across the Stern.

I couldn’t believe that I broke the last connection while I was experimenting around with using the last extended Plank as sort of a Vising device.

Lower Ratlines

I’m now at the Ratlines stage. I would say that out of all the processes of Ship Building, this has probably got to be the most tedious. So, I just turn on some music to listen to while I do it.

Making the Ratlines
Clove Hitches straight across

I am not bothering with Fancy ties on the ends of the Ratlines.

Port side started
Lower Ratlines done

Boom and Gaffs

I’m starting the building of all the Boom and Gaffs. There are 4 of them to build. I cut out the Patterns and used a 2x7mm Tanganika Board.

First Gaff done
I make the ends by drilling it out and inserting a sanded down Toothpick into it.
Pattern and Sand

I use both my Belt Sander and the Dremel Sander and my small Grinder to shape it.

Belt Sander
Tapering Spanker Boom
Boom and Gaffs before prime and paint
Painted White with Gaff & Boom Rings painted Black

I just thought That painting the guy friends black looked cool… I’m sure that they must have done it before in history.

Copper Tape up simulate Bands on Rings