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Fife Rails – Main Deck

I just installed the Fife Rails for the Main Mast and the Mizzen Mast.

Made these using some Beech Wood for the cross bar since I kept having problems with the Walnut 1.5 x3mm cracking.

All I can say now is thank God for my mini table saw!!!

I also added those 3 Anchor Rings each.

7th Strake up from Keel

I decided to just go with 2 Strakes going all the way forward instead of 3. In order to get 3 in there, I would have had to make them too thin. So I’m just using 2 and I’m going to just use filler Planks for the rest.

Using the Rubber band method

I feel a bit of a failure because my intention was to have all the Planks reach the Bow and for them to all go to the Stern. I suppose experience is the only cure for this miscalculation… I’ll just know better next time.

But… I must say that all in all, I’m quite happy with what came out, filler and all.

Ending in wedge
Port side view

#2 Strake from Keel

This is the next Plank above the Garboard Plank. I’m not sure what the name of this one is so I’m just going to count up from Garboard.

The forward part is the same thickness. No tapering.

Gluing the forward part before bending it around the Hull
Gluing Bulkheads 4 – 10

I swear, these MicroMark Mini-Planks are the ideal tool for this work. It’s the only thing that u can find that will grab the Plank just right to hold in the corner.

That little 5mm Plank is being used for the distance because I’ll be putting a Stealer wedge in there

Interesting… I was just noticing that I’m off like about 1/2 of a mm.

Those overlaps make it handy to clamp onto.

I would highly recommend this book for anybody who is interested in it and especially for beginners.

however a word of warning… Although there are many different methods of planking, I thought that his method was rather lacking. I would recommend that the beginner study other books on planking such as Planking Techniques for Model Ship Builders by Donald Dressel

also check out some of the videos on YouTube about planking there’s one by Modelers Central that’s pretty good… Also Modelers Central has a few pretty good sites for planking techniques as well.

I’ll post a link here in a bit.

Updates on Flying Fish and HMS Surprise

So here it is January 1st 2020… Beginning the new year so I figured it was time for me to complete the HMS Surprise.

What happened was that on the Flying Fish project, I ran into a little bit of a snag.

The kid by corral only provided less than about three-quarters of a meter of the flexible Beech wood. I only had just enough to complete the interior planking along the gunwale, and it didn’t leave me enough to finish up the caprails.

Sewing in anticipation of this time, I had ordered some more Beachwood from Modelers Central but they are based out of Australia! This is around two weeks ago. Well, come to find out that there’s a difference between plain Beech wood and flexible Beech wood!

So now I have all this wood that I’ll probably end up finding a use for… but they’re not useful to me right now!

So I went ahead and bit the bullet and reordered some flexible Beech wood from the same company but it will be another two weeks!

Turns out this flexible Beech wood is really expensive! So I probably got enough of this stuff to last me for the next few models anyway!

But I have nothing to do in the meantime since I have to wait to install the cap rail before I could continue with doing anything else so I decided to start back on the HMS Surprise.

At this point, I am installing the supports for the main deck…