#2 Strake from Keel

This is the next Plank above the Garboard Plank. I’m not sure what the name of this one is so I’m just going to count up from Garboard.

The forward part is the same thickness. No tapering.

Gluing the forward part before bending it around the Hull
Gluing Bulkheads 4 – 10

I swear, these MicroMark Mini-Planks are the ideal tool for this work. It’s the only thing that u can find that will grab the Plank just right to hold in the corner.

That little 5mm Plank is being used for the distance because I’ll be putting a Stealer wedge in there

Interesting… I was just noticing that I’m off like about 1/2 of a mm.

Those overlaps make it handy to clamp onto.

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