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Fore Mast Running Rigging

I have been away from progressing on my Ship while I was morning the loss of my dog Toby.

I’ve finally finished the Main Mast rigging and am now starting on the Fore Mast.

Fore Gallant Sail Lifts
Forecep pulling down on Line

I have started using Translucent White Glue to Fix these loops and knots instead of Superglue because Superglue makes them go too hard and brittle. I just snapped a Block just now and had to redo the entire thing.

Loop for Gallant Sail Lift.
Blocks for Fore MainSail Lifts
Fore MainSail Lifts
Lift Lines coming down to the Fore Mast Bit
Rope Coils under forward Bit
Fore Mast Rigging done

Fore Mast Main Sail Yard Redo

I had to take down the entire Main Sail Yard… Ugh…

I found I had a crossed line on the Port Side Jeers and I simply couldn’t live with it.

While in the process of redoing it, I decided to add a Sling as well as redoing the Parrels.

Previous Parrels are on the right.

Now, I’ve got the added complication of 2 more Strings.

I decided not to come all the way down with the Parrels and just tie it off at the Spar. I don’t know… I haven’t decided yet.

Hoisting thr Yard using the Jeer rigging

I also slung the Sling through the hole in the Top.

Sling where it attaches to Yard
Sling over End Cap
Sling wrapping around Yard

ForeMast Ratlines

Starting process of attaching Futtock Staves

What I do is to first put Contact Cement on the Shroud and also the Futtock Stave, which is basically a cut down Toothpick.

Once make contact, I use my Tweezers to get to spacing right. The Contact Cement has just enough give so I can adjust it. Once I get the spacing right, it’s just a matter of squeezing the 2 sides together. After a hat I drop some Superglue on it to fix it in place.

1st Catharpin in

I ended up using a double binding for the Catharpins. it’s a challenge doing this in an enclosed area, but I’ve tied so many Clove Hitches, that it’s second nature now.

I’m just putting in 3 Catharpins
I use 2 sets of Clove Hitches
Starboard side done…
Port side done…