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Fore Mast Main Sail Yard Redo

I had to take down the entire Main Sail Yard… Ugh…

I found I had a crossed line on the Port Side Jeers and I simply couldn’t live with it.

While in the process of redoing it, I decided to add a Sling as well as redoing the Parrels.

Previous Parrels are on the right.

Now, I’ve got the added complication of 2 more Strings.

I decided not to come all the way down with the Parrels and just tie it off at the Spar. I don’t know… I haven’t decided yet.

Hoisting thr Yard using the Jeer rigging

I also slung the Sling through the hole in the Top.

Sling where it attaches to Yard
Sling over End Cap
Sling wrapping around Yard

Mizzen Main Sail Yard

5mm Dowel in my Proxxon Lathe

I’m getting to where I can eyeball the widths pretty good and only need Calipers every once in awhile.

This Dowel was 5mm thick and I brought it down to 3mm. But I started 15mm from center. The middle bit is left thick.

Dowel Tapered from 5mm to 3mm starting from 15mm from center…
I notch the ends 5mm from end…

I use an Xacto blade and File for the notching.

Attaching to Mizzen Mast
Mizzen Main Yard done