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Mizzen Main Sail Yard

5mm Dowel in my Proxxon Lathe

I’m getting to where I can eyeball the widths pretty good and only need Calipers every once in awhile.

This Dowel was 5mm thick and I brought it down to 3mm. But I started 15mm from center. The middle bit is left thick.

Dowel Tapered from 5mm to 3mm starting from 15mm from center…
I notch the ends 5mm from end…

I use an Xacto blade and File for the notching.

Attaching to Mizzen Mast
Mizzen Main Yard done

Mizzen Top Mast Ratlines

Futtock Stave

I just used a piece of Toothpick for the Futtock Stave. I used Contact Cement to hold it on there and some Superglue.

Futtock Stave in as well as Futtock Shrouds
Starboard side done
Port Futtock Stave

So… I was thinking to myself that the Stage wasn’t exactly straight?… I’m not redoing it though… Look

Imagine having to climb up and down these Ratlines all the time!… 🙄😲🤔