Fore Mast Main Sail Yard Redo

I had to take down the entire Main Sail Yard… Ugh…

I found I had a crossed line on the Port Side Jeers and I simply couldn’t live with it.

While in the process of redoing it, I decided to add a Sling as well as redoing the Parrels.

Previous Parrels are on the right.

Now, I’ve got the added complication of 2 more Strings.

I decided not to come all the way down with the Parrels and just tie it off at the Spar. I don’t know… I haven’t decided yet.

Hoisting thr Yard using the Jeer rigging

I also slung the Sling through the hole in the Top.

Sling where it attaches to Yard
Sling over End Cap
Sling wrapping around Yard

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