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Fore Mast Running Rigging

I have been away from progressing on my Ship while I was morning the loss of my dog Toby.

I’ve finally finished the Main Mast rigging and am now starting on the Fore Mast.

Fore Gallant Sail Lifts
Forecep pulling down on Line

I have started using Translucent White Glue to Fix these loops and knots instead of Superglue because Superglue makes them go too hard and brittle. I just snapped a Block just now and had to redo the entire thing.

Loop for Gallant Sail Lift.
Blocks for Fore MainSail Lifts
Fore MainSail Lifts
Lift Lines coming down to the Fore Mast Bit
Rope Coils under forward Bit
Fore Mast Rigging done

Main Mast Running Rig

I have neglected updating this blog. I have accomplished a few of the Running Rigging on the Main Mast Spars.

Clue Lines and Lifts not tightened
Notice the Parrels
First Clewlines and Lift tightening Main Top Sail Spar

Clewlines Definition

Main Mast Running Rigging done