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Shrouds Deadeyes

What I normally do for these is to first put the Distance Measuring Tool that I made.

I put the Deadeye on it, then I measure off where the Shroud bend around it. I then take it off and squeeze it so that a bend takes place in the Hemp line. That’s why I like Hemp for this work, because it holds a bend. The synthetic line won’t do that.

I then put the Deadeye in and I use a Clove Hitch and squeeze it as tight as I can up against the Deadeye.

Then, I loop it a few times towards the Deadeye and end it with a double half-hitch to close it off and lock it in place.

Then I use French Loops going down and finish it with a Double half-hitch. It ends up looking like this…

Notice the even diagonal of the French Loops

After that, I put a drop of PVA White Glue on it to fix it.

Second Band
Start with Stop Knot
Use Threader from Outside to In
French Loops

Deadeyes into After Channels

I had to modify the Channels that were provided in the kit because I didn’t like how they were notched. They weren’t evening up with the Gun Ports.

This necessitates that I do each DeadEye after inserting them through the Channel holes. Then I put the nail in. Before which I wrap the wire around it.

First Deadeye Port side After Channel
3 in… 33 more to go.
Port side After Channel done
Starboard side after Channels done