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Deadeyes into Forward Channels

Channels before sanding down the Notches
After sanding notches out and drilling Holes for the Deadeyes
Just taking a picture of the 1st one… I’m not sure if this is right, but I’m just going to leave it so the Gun Port Door will be able to open.
Port side Forward Channel done
Starboard side Forward Channel pre sanding
Testing out Gun Port Door
Holes for Deadeyes
Sorry… Got distracted with other stuff…

Deadeyes into After Channels

I had to modify the Channels that were provided in the kit because I didn’t like how they were notched. They weren’t evening up with the Gun Ports.

This necessitates that I do each DeadEye after inserting them through the Channel holes. Then I put the nail in. Before which I wrap the wire around it.

First Deadeye Port side After Channel
3 in… 33 more to go.
Port side After Channel done
Starboard side after Channels done