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Third try Upper Rubbing Strake / Chain-Wale

This is my third try with the Upper Rubbing Strake and Channel combo.

First time was with the Walnut 1.5x3mm Stakes, next was with the 1.5×3 Basswood but with the Gun Ports. This time it’s my last 1.5x3x650mm Basswood Strakes. I might have to buy some more. Although I still can cut down some 1.5×5 Basswood Planks I have lying around on my NovelLife Mini Hobby Table Saw

Bending Strake (again) 🙄
Attaching Chain-Wale to Rubbing Strake

UGH… I STILL screwed up when I broke it while trying to attach the forward Chain-Wale to the Rubbing Strake. I repaired it with SuperGlue.

Painting Rubbing Strakes
Starboard side done
Starboard side
Port side
Window and ornamental molding

Taking a break… 🙄🤔👍

Upper Rubbing Strake and Chains

I would normally make these two separate Blog Posts however, the Channels go right over the Rubbing Strake, so they are pretty integrated.

Bending Planks

The Planks I’m using are 1.5x3mm Basswood. I started using Walnut, however I ditched that in favor of the Basswood.

After a lot of hemming and hawing, I decided to paint both the Upper Rubbing Strake and Channels a Flat White Color.

Ruler athwart ship

That Ruler is so I can see exactly where the 1st Line of the Shrouds will go…

Repaired a couple of Channels

While I’m here, I might as well talk about what a piss-poor job of Laser Cutting that Artesania Latina did for these Pre-Cut Parts!!! .. I mean, you are basically PAYING for these parts to be thoroughly cut! .. Else, you would go out and buy the wood yourself and cut all the pieces!!!

Glued the Channels to the Upper Rubbing Strake.

Pre-fitting Strake/Chain Combo