Third try Upper Rubbing Strake / Chain-Wale

This is my third try with the Upper Rubbing Strake and Channel combo.

First time was with the Walnut 1.5x3mm Stakes, next was with the 1.5×3 Basswood but with the Gun Ports. This time it’s my last 1.5x3x650mm Basswood Strakes. I might have to buy some more. Although I still can cut down some 1.5×5 Basswood Planks I have lying around on my NovelLife Mini Hobby Table Saw

Bending Strake (again) 🙄
Attaching Chain-Wale to Rubbing Strake

UGH… I STILL screwed up when I broke it while trying to attach the forward Chain-Wale to the Rubbing Strake. I repaired it with SuperGlue.

Painting Rubbing Strakes
Starboard side done
Starboard side
Port side
Window and ornamental molding

Taking a break… 🙄🤔👍

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