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Midship Capstan

Just finished the Midship Capstan.

Capstan and the Bars in front of it

The capstan consisted of a timber mounted vertically through a vessel’s structure which was free to rotate. Levers, known as bars, were inserted through holes at the top of the timber and used to turn the capstan. A rope wrapped several turns around the drum was thus hauled upon. A rudimentary ratchet was provided to hold the tension. 

I found that I may have needed a bit more room on the deck but that’s ok.

Midship Hatches

I’ve been working on these Midship Hatches now for probably around a day. I started and had to restart because I really messed up on the first try. I didn’t do too bad with the taller Door Hatch though.

Anyway I’m currently putting hinges and handles on them.

The Flat Hatch, I made using some of that Mahogany stock that’s 3mm wide. Then I used 1.5 x4mm Walnut to frame it. Also, I used my Motosaw to simulate it being a door by cutting into it and filling I in with a lead pencil.

Here’s the Flat Hatch…

Flat Hatch. I have 1 Hinge on it so far…

The Door Hatch, I made using a piece of Beech Wood that was pre-shaped by Mamoli. I then used 1x2mm Walnut to cover it and to use the 1×1 to make the door frames and I will also use it for the base.

Those are the Hinges on the right.

I’m not quite finished yet. I still have to put the baseboards around the Door Hatch.

Capstan – Midship

As long as I was making the Capstans, I figured I’ll go ahead and make the Midship Capstan.

I found that gluing the delicate parts to solid, I avoid breaking the parts.

I did break the Slot layer but I was able to glue it on to the Top Disk and repaired it.

Here, I’m gluing the Slots into the Bottom Disk, which in turn sits on the notches Brake layer. This is the layer that they throw the Wood into in order hold the Capstan in place.

Slotting in sides into notches.
Notice the Gear notches on the bottom where the Wooden brakes will go into when needed.
Top Slots – I simply bored it out until it fit.

Main Deck Planking – Midship

I decided to create 3 different Posts for the Main Deck Planking.

What I did for the Planking is to divide the Ship into 3 different sections… Forecastle, Midship and the Poop Deck.

It sure makes it easier when you’re trying to line up the Planks having 3 different sections.

Anyway… Here’s the Midship Planking so far…

Notice the Midship aligns differently from the Forecastle… 🤔🤭😲

Notice that I have one long Strip of wood on the Port side of that set of Planks next to the Hatch? I cut it with my Mini Table Saw.

Micro Mark Mini Table Saw

The Glue that I use for Deck Planking is Titebond II and occasionally SuperGlue for repairs.

I find that these Planks in the middle… You can’t really mass produce them as others. Well… You can, but I find that often you have to do a custom fit job so those mass produced planks need to be cut one way or the other.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I Measure, Cut & Scribe each plank individually.