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Midship Capstan

Just finished the Midship Capstan.

Capstan and the Bars in front of it

The capstan consisted of a timber mounted vertically through a vessel’s structure which was free to rotate. Levers, known as bars, were inserted through holes at the top of the timber and used to turn the capstan. A rope wrapped several turns around the drum was thus hauled upon. A rudimentary ratchet was provided to hold the tension. 

I found that I may have needed a bit more room on the deck but that’s ok.

Capstan – Forecastle Deck

I’m starting the Capstan build now. Here’s some Wood 1mm x 4mm for the base.

Base wood
This is what I have to put together!!!

Mind you… It’s all in German, the instructions!!!

Almost completed…

I had a hell of a time with this Capstan!

The 1st problem was that the Slots didn’t want to go into the holes, so I had to file them down.

Then I ended up breaking the bottom and top.

Finished Capstan. Also notice the bundle of Push Bars behind the Capstan.