Midship Hatches

I’ve been working on these Midship Hatches now for probably around a day. I started and had to restart because I really messed up on the first try. I didn’t do too bad with the taller Door Hatch though.

Anyway I’m currently putting hinges and handles on them.

The Flat Hatch, I made using some of that Mahogany stock that’s 3mm wide. Then I used 1.5 x4mm Walnut to frame it. Also, I used my Motosaw to simulate it being a door by cutting into it and filling I in with a lead pencil.

Here’s the Flat Hatch…

Flat Hatch. I have 1 Hinge on it so far…

The Door Hatch, I made using a piece of Beech Wood that was pre-shaped by Mamoli. I then used 1x2mm Walnut to cover it and to use the 1×1 to make the door frames and I will also use it for the base.

Those are the Hinges on the right.

I’m not quite finished yet. I still have to put the baseboards around the Door Hatch.

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