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Hatch Rails – Forward

Been making the Rail Posts for the forward part of the Hatch.

I discovered something quite by accident but which I like.

What happened was that I made the Rails using some Basswood 1.5×3 mm Stock instead of the Walnut. This was because the former didn’t split all the time like the latter does.

But, because I used the light colored Basswood, I had to stain it. Well, I used some Dark Walnut Stain first… I didn’t really like that dark of a tone so I went over it with some Colonial Maple… Viola! I got this weathered look which I really like.

Forward part of Hatch before Rails
Rail Posts stained

I found that a great way to do this is to clip the Baseboards in with these Clips, then to just dab a touch of SuperGlue on either end and the middle to hold it. That way, you can adjust to your heart’s content before you commit to to glue.

I ordered some Birch wood from Modelers Central in Australia. Anyway, it turned out that this was the wrong sort of Beech wood!!!… I needed Flexible Beech.

Anyway, now I found some use for it!

I made these Posts out of the Beech wood and I really love it because they DON’T Split!!!

Posts made from Beech wood
Posts up
Gluing Rail to Belfry
Making the Rail ends
Forward Hatch Rail done
View from the front