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Hand Rails for Hatch

Moving along from the Jolly Boat… Phew… I’m glad that’s over!!!

I probably should have put the handrails along the hatch before I put the boat in but I just wanted to get the boat out of the way..

Priming the Posts for the Hand rails

I ended up breaking one and I tried drilling it out and ended up drilling into the deck… Ugh… It’s barely noticeable so I’m just going to leave it…

Hand Rails in

Hatch Rails – Forward

Been making the Rail Posts for the forward part of the Hatch.

I discovered something quite by accident but which I like.

What happened was that I made the Rails using some Basswood 1.5×3 mm Stock instead of the Walnut. This was because the former didn’t split all the time like the latter does.

But, because I used the light colored Basswood, I had to stain it. Well, I used some Dark Walnut Stain first… I didn’t really like that dark of a tone so I went over it with some Colonial Maple… Viola! I got this weathered look which I really like.

Forward part of Hatch before Rails
Rail Posts stained

I found that a great way to do this is to clip the Baseboards in with these Clips, then to just dab a touch of SuperGlue on either end and the middle to hold it. That way, you can adjust to your heart’s content before you commit to to glue.

I ordered some Birch wood from Modelers Central in Australia. Anyway, it turned out that this was the wrong sort of Beech wood!!!… I needed Flexible Beech.

Anyway, now I found some use for it!

I made these Posts out of the Beech wood and I really love it because they DON’T Split!!!

Posts made from Beech wood
Posts up
Gluing Rail to Belfry
Making the Rail ends
Forward Hatch Rail done
View from the front

Support Beams for Hatch

Started installing these support Beams which are 3mm x 3mm x 20mm Walnut Stock.

There needs to be 4 on each side and 2 on each forward and abaft ends.

Walnut support columns under hatch

These are a bit tricky. I found the best way is to wedge it in there satisfactory and then simply dribble a bit of SuperGlue on both ends.

Finished installing Support Beams and also the 2 Strips along side.