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Modeling Stand for the Ship Building

Modeling Stand

I made this Stand probably 10 years ago. It has gotten me through 3 builds.

Can Stand the Ship right on it
I can hold the Ship in different angles

All it is a piece of Fence Post with some 1.5″x1.5″ attached to it. Then I simply taped some Paper Towel around the ends. .. 🤔🙄🤭

Bulkheads – Attaching to False Keel

Obviously this is a what is called a “Plank on Bulkead” type of Ship Model. Where you lay the Planks across the entire Hull structure of the Ship.

Looking from Bow to Stern
Looking at it from her Port Side

After sliding the Bulkheads in, which they slid in beautifully, by the way… Usually these kits are far from “Exact” on their cutting. This one by Occre is good though.

15mm Basswood boards running through ship

This Basswood strip is for stabilizing the Bulkheads to one another.

My first problem just came up though. It just occurred to me that I need a Jig to hold the False Keel straight while I am able to get the False Keel straight while the glue has time to set.

The False Keel is bent a bit, but I don’t think it will be a problem because I’ll use the Jig and the forcing by the Planks that I glue in the future to hold it straight. It won’t take but about 2 or 3 Planks to be able to do that

You can see it’s warped.

Not the worst Warp I’ve seen though… 🙄🤔😫

Looking straight on…

I was just looking ahead at the Instructions. On this ship, they have you building it from the Top Down. I think I’m going to start it from bottom up though.

All the Bulkheads attached

Line Faking Tool / Making Coiled Rope

I made this Line Faking Tool by sticking a couple of pins in this piece of wood.

I then tie a Midshipman’s Knot on one end and slip it down one of the Pins and then carefully coil the line around the 2 pins.

After I get the line coiled, I dab some Transparent Wood Glue on it and let it get hard. After which I lift it off with a Flat Xacto Blade.

Rigging Hook

I bought this Rigging Hook from Micro-Mark. It came in a Set that included some other hooks that I’ve never used. This one is handy though…

Rigging Hook

It allows you hook String as you’re trying to Rig.

I also find that this in combination with Tweezers is very helpful.