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DAP Plastic Wood

I had a couple of spots that I needed to use this DAP Plastic Wood as Wood Putty.

Check out the Hyperlink for a link to DAP.

DAP Plastic Wood

I used it on my Bow at the very bottom where the fairing needed straightening out.

Putty on Bow Port side
Bow Starboard side

And on the Stern for a couple of Spots…

Stern Port side
Stern Starboard

The idea is to use as little Putty as possible. Which is why I bought the 3oz Tube. It tends to dry out if you leave it for too long. 🤔🙄

Superglue or CA Glue

My favorite Superglues

That’s the Applicator on the right to get into tight spaces.

Superglue is great for certain applications.

I use it for small parts. Contrary to Planking, which I use Titebond Translucent Wood Glue.

You can also use Superglue when you’re desperate to attach a couple of pieces together in a hurry.

Just don’t get it on your fingertips. If you do, use Acetone to remove it.

Bamboo Rubberband Clamps

Bamboo Rubberband Clamps

I made up four of these Bamboo Sticks which I tied and Glued these Popsicle Sticks to so that it will have a flat surface to push down on the Planks.

The reason for using Bamboo is because they are really strong and won’t break when you apply the Rubberband Tension… 🤔🙄👍

Bamboo Clamps pressing down Plank

As I’m running out of Space, I needed a Clamp that would press the Planks flat against the Bulkhead…

Old Shoe Box Ship Cradle

Old Shoe Box

I use an old Shoe Box that I’ve cut a couple of U-Shaped Holes on both ends and some Duct Tape to reinforce it.

I like it because it’s sturdy enough to hold the Ship and also won’t damage the wood while I put the Ship upside down on it. (Like I’m doing here).

Also it’s disposable and doesn’t cost any money like those Foam or Clamp type Holders you see on Micro Mark, etc…

Ibex Plane

Ibex Plane Flat Sole Plane 30mm Length, 10mm Blade Width

Ibex Plane

I bought this Ibex 30mm Plane from Amazon.

After I got the Blade adjusted, it works great for Plane-ing the 5mm Basswood Planks to get the ideal Taper on both ends… Front and Stern…

My Video on adjusting the Ibex Plane . ..

Adjusting Ibex Plane