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DAP Plastic Wood

I had a couple of spots that I needed to use this DAP Plastic Wood as Wood Putty.

Check out the Hyperlink for a link to DAP.

DAP Plastic Wood

I used it on my Bow at the very bottom where the fairing needed straightening out.

Putty on Bow Port side
Bow Starboard side

And on the Stern for a couple of Spots…

Stern Port side
Stern Starboard

The idea is to use as little Putty as possible. Which is why I bought the 3oz Tube. It tends to dry out if you leave it for too long. 🤔🙄

Home Made Wood Putty

I needed some Wood Putty for this Walnut finish that’s on the Balcony.

What I did was to make my own put of some Sawdust that I’ve been collecting for this very purpose.

I mix the Wood Stain in with the Sawdust, then after it looks right… I mixed in some Translucent Wood Glue by Titebond.

I just needed some to fill in this Gap underneath the Balcony

Tamiya Putty

I bought this Putty to try out. I found that the Wood Putty that you get from the Hardware Store, like Plastic Wood tend to be a bit too crumbly on application. And also I’ve had trouble with chunks flying off while sanding. So I was looking for a stronger Putty.

Well, this one I think is made for Plastic Models and it is super strong.

You need to be careful while applying it with your fingertips. This stuff sticks to your fingers like nobody’s business! I’d wear some gloves to apply with fingertips. Like surgical gloves.