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Gun Port Making Process

Drill 2 Holes above Gun Port where the Wire that simulates Rope goes through…

1mm Drill for Pull Ropes
Around 1mm up and 1mm in

Then, I sand the Gun Port Door so it it the same width as the Gun Port Hole.

I cut a strip of wood… 1mmx1.5mm to act as a “Hinge”… Then I apply Dap Weldwood Contact Cement to both sides.

In the meantime, also put some on the Gold Wire that will simulate a Hinge.

Make sure the Gun is in there first. I use Aleene’s Rapid Dry. Apply to both sides and wait around 2 minutes.

Gun in…
Drill holes through…
Make 2 Eye Bolts with Thin Wire…
I use a combo of Contact Cement and Super Glue
Gold Wire to simulate Hinges

Different Methods of Determining Tapering

In my efforts to learn about planking, I ended up learning about three or four methods and here’s what I found out.

I think that’s the worst thing that you could do is to go by planking your boat haphazardly. You really need to make a plan and think about what you’re doing before you begin the project.

The first method that I learned was from the book Ship Modeling Simplified.

To be honest, I really wasn’t a big fan of this method because what they require you to do was to bend your plank around the Hull and at the point where the plank above it was your point x and for you to taper the playing from that point on to the Bow at the point where that plank met it.

The next method is the one that I’m using now. This method requires you to use a batten that divides the Hull of the ship into two bands. The upper band and a lower band.

Then what you have to do is to calculate out how much taper you’re going to need by mathematically finding out how small the Plank needs to be in order for it to squeeze into a certain space.

First you have to find out how many planks are going to be all the biggest part of the bulkhead, then you determine how you’re going to be able to squeeze that many planks into a limited space like the first bulkhead.

Another method is by using proportional dividers. I kind of have a hard time with this one because the proportional divider didn’t go small enough for the scale the ship that I was using but I’ll save that for later scale model which is bigger.

Like I said, there are as many methods as there are Model Makers. But this is my method. I’m not into it for speed production. Slow and Steady…

“Steady as she goes…” 🤣🤭😲