Gun Port Making Process

Drill 2 Holes above Gun Port where the Wire that simulates Rope goes through…

1mm Drill for Pull Ropes
Around 1mm up and 1mm in

Then, I sand the Gun Port Door so it it the same width as the Gun Port Hole.

I cut a strip of wood… 1mmx1.5mm to act as a “Hinge”… Then I apply Dap Weldwood Contact Cement to both sides.

In the meantime, also put some on the Gold Wire that will simulate a Hinge.

Make sure the Gun is in there first. I use Aleene’s Rapid Dry. Apply to both sides and wait around 2 minutes.

Gun in…
Drill holes through…
Make 2 Eye Bolts with Thin Wire…
I use a combo of Contact Cement and Super Glue
Gold Wire to simulate Hinges
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