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Bulwark and Gun Ports

Starting work on the Bulwark which will continue down from the Quarterdeck and ending at the 1st set of Gun Ports Port and Starboard.

The instructions say for them to be 9mm wide.

It begins with these Strips of 3mm x 1mm Walnut Strips that line the bottom of this section.

Ok… I’m not even sure that this is the way it’s supposed to go… But I’m just doing it like this because I think it’s cool looking.

I cut the Gun Port out with an Xacto blade
Bulwarks and Gun Ports done

Gun Port Alignment

I was just thinking to myself about this alignment on my Gunports. Apparently they’re supposed to be equal distance apart across the entire side of the Gun Deck.

Well I didn’t make them exactly equal distance apart but I’m not going to worry about it because it still looks pretty good. And I was looking at other Frigates of the time and not all of them have gun ports that are equal distance apart.

I’m not going to stress too much about these gun ports now that I have them put in because they will get a lot more reinforced as I put the Planks around them and glue them in.

After they’re nice and reinforce and I’m going to sand them down to where they’re flush and the gunport doors will theoretically shut down on them.

Of course it’s not really going to be that crucial that these shut exactly on the Gunport holes. Because they’ll all be in the Up position.

Sanding down Gunport Braces

I’ve been using these 5mm x 5mm square stock for the Braces for the Gunports.

I’m not too worried about running out because I found a few more rods of them.

Anyway, the reason I like these 5mm x 5mm is because it gives me enough room to sand them down to match the sloping pattern of the Bulkheads.

Sanded down the Gunport Braces for the same concave slope that the Bulkheads have.