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Bulwark and Gun Ports

Starting work on the Bulwark which will continue down from the Quarterdeck and ending at the 1st set of Gun Ports Port and Starboard.

The instructions say for them to be 9mm wide.

It begins with these Strips of 3mm x 1mm Walnut Strips that line the bottom of this section.

Ok… I’m not even sure that this is the way it’s supposed to go… But I’m just doing it like this because I think it’s cool looking.

I cut the Gun Port out with an Xacto blade
Bulwarks and Gun Ports done

Filler Plank for Bulwark

I made a mistake on the original Plank so I had to make this Plank to fill it in.

I used my Plank Bending Jig to bend it. I let it sit all night to make sure it takes the bend. It came out pretty nicely.

Plank Bending Jig
Bent rather nicely I must say…

I traced it out by sticking this Scotch Tape across the Gap and using a marker pen. Then stuck it on the Plank as a Template.

Stuck it on, cut the outline out with Xacto and traced line
Before taking off excess
After a lot of filing got it fitted
Doing same thing to Port side
Aligning it
Port side Bulwark gluing in
I guess it came out about the same

Bulwark Top Part

This is the part where I messed up. I should have come up higher on my initial Plank. Short of redoing the entire thing, I’m going to make a filler Plank for this gap.

Making the to Starboard Bulwark Plank take the bend

This is one thing that I love about this hobby. Because when you run into situations, you have to do what the Marine Corp doctrine dictates… I.A.O. Improvise Adapt & Overcome

Anyway, while driving to my doctor’s office, I thought of a way to make a template for making the filler Plank. I’m going to use a big piece of clear Scotch Tape and trace the gap onto it. Then, I’m going to bend the Plank around a Jig that I made and once these wood takes the bend, I’ll simply last the tape on to the wood and trace around it and sand it down to fit.

I put a piece of Scotch Tape across it to make a Template

Mind you… This is all experimental. I’m in the process of repairing this Gap by making this shape of internal Plank.