Bulwark Top Part

This is the part where I messed up. I should have come up higher on my initial Plank. Short of redoing the entire thing, I’m going to make a filler Plank for this gap.

Making the to Starboard Bulwark Plank take the bend

This is one thing that I love about this hobby. Because when you run into situations, you have to do what the Marine Corp doctrine dictates… I.A.O. Improvise Adapt & Overcome

Anyway, while driving to my doctor’s office, I thought of a way to make a template for making the filler Plank. I’m going to use a big piece of clear Scotch Tape and trace the gap onto it. Then, I’m going to bend the Plank around a Jig that I made and once these wood takes the bend, I’ll simply last the tape on to the wood and trace around it and sand it down to fit.

I put a piece of Scotch Tape across it to make a Template

Mind you… This is all experimental. I’m in the process of repairing this Gap by making this shape of internal Plank.

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