I’m starting on the Bulwarks. The Bulwarks are the side of the ship that comes above the deck.

I kind of feel like I messed up in installing the first Plank so now I’m going to have to compensate for it with some corrections.

I first bent this first Plank in with soaked plank wood 1.5mm x 5mm.

Now I taped off the guides going along the Gunwale so that the glue doesn’t stick to the Bulwark because I’ll be removing these guides once the Bulwark are up.

Rubber bands to pull it in at an angle and to hold it in place
Port side Bulwark taking bend
The bend took nicely… But I had it on here for about 12 hours
The Port side fit in very nicely

So… I’m kind of dreading the next step actually. What happened was the I didn’t come up and over with the initial Plank on to the Forecastle Deck. Now I have to do a funky fix… Which really wouldn’t be visible anyway. It’s just I wish u would’ve gotten it right the first time. Oh well. Live and learn. It just seems a bit Amateurish.

But hey… I never claimed to be an expert anyway! 🤭🤣😲

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