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Planking Gun Deck

I’m starting the Planking on the Starboard side while the glue on the Braces dry on Port side.

Starboard side Gun Deck Planking continuation
Gun Deck almost done Starboard side
Port side

Gun Carraige Installation

I’m glad I realized to test the fit of these Gun Carraiges through these Gunports. Well… Come to find out, they don’t fit through there!

So now I’m gluing in the Gun Carraiges. I’m using Aleene’s Rapid Dry for this work.

What you do is to put glue on both surfaces and wait for 2 minutes and stick the 2 pieces together

Glue waiting for Gun Carraige
Gun Carraige
Gun Carraiges glued in

I’m glad I caught it when I did… From now on, I’ll glue the Carraiges in before I put in the Gunports.

Tomorrow I’m going to continue on with the Braces and Gun Carraiges and Gunports.

7 completed

Notice how I rounded the Braces to match the Bulkheads.

Gun Carraige inside the Gun Deck