Shrouds Progress

I wish I had somebody to talk “Ship-Talk” with. Preferably an Old Timer who has been doing this awhile and who I can watch work.

Anyway… Lacking that… I do this blogging. I know… It’s not the same thing. But I also follow some really talented Model Makers in the Groups I belong to.

So, I’m looking at these Shrouds and I am beginning to suffer the “Modeler’s Regret”… You know… When you think that you should have done something a certain way???… I guess that’s the nature of it. I’m not going to redo it all. Definitely not. But I’ve seen guys who do it.

A prime example are the Seizing on Shrouds that wrap around the Deadeyes.

I started off like this…

Deadeyes on Fore Mast, which I started off on…
Deadeyes on Main Mast

I especially love the one all the way to the left. I wish they were all like that and uniform. Hmmm… 🤔🙄🧐

Main Mast Shrouds

Main Mast Shrouds New Strings

For whatever reason, I lost my .7mm Hemp line somewhere so I decided to try these Stroud’s with my new Griffin Synthetic Line that I bought from Model Expo.

At first, I was skeptical because I liked how the Hemp line bends and stays that way while the synthetic line doesn’t bend at all.

So… I had to change my technique.

First thing I did was to put a line around it to hold it while I’m getting the measurement with my spacing jig.

Clove Hitch holds it nice and tight

I used a Clove Hitch because I don’t have to redo it… I just keep tying French Loops until I get the desired Seizing.

I then use another String to Seize the Deadeye into place and use French Loops to tighten up on it… And on the bottom, just do a Half Hitch to hold it in place.

Then the top one, I pull down on it and add a couple more half hitches.

Superglue and PVA glue

I finish it a drop of PVA glue on the knots… Which are translucent and invisible. Then… I like to put a small drop on the black part between knots to hold it.

Nice and tight
I was quite proud of this one…
Pulling with Deadeye Jig… Then tying it off with a Clove Hitch
Starboard set of 3rd Pair

Listening to Mozart

Shrouds Deadeyes

What I normally do for these is to first put the Distance Measuring Tool that I made.

I put the Deadeye on it, then I measure off where the Shroud bend around it. I then take it off and squeeze it so that a bend takes place in the Hemp line. That’s why I like Hemp for this work, because it holds a bend. The synthetic line won’t do that.

I then put the Deadeye in and I use a Clove Hitch and squeeze it as tight as I can up against the Deadeye.

Then, I loop it a few times towards the Deadeye and end it with a double half-hitch to close it off and lock it in place.

Then I use French Loops going down and finish it with a Double half-hitch. It ends up looking like this…

Notice the even diagonal of the French Loops

After that, I put a drop of PVA White Glue on it to fix it.

Second Band
Start with Stop Knot
Use Threader from Outside to In
French Loops

Foremast Shrouds

I’m using 1mm Black Hemp line for the Shrouds. I found that they need Pre-Stretching and unwinding so that they become straight.

Here, letting the line unwind naturally

Once the line is unwound and straight,bit makes a beautiful straight line.

Here’s the first one. The knot I used to secure the top is a Clove hitch with an extra locking loop.

Clove hitch with extra loops.
This is how it’s supposed to go on

So far, I have the Burton Pendants and the 1st pair Shrouds on the Starboard side.

Notice the Burton Pendants?…

I decided that the 1mm Line was too thick so I changed to .7mm Line. Which necessitated unwinding and stretching of the .7mm line.

I used a Clove Hitch with extra loops to tie it off.

I used PVA Glue to hold it in place
Using Spacing Tool
DeadEye Seizing

So… On the Deadeyes. I probably should make an entire Post on this subject. In the meantime, this his how the Seizing looks.