Chain / Chain Wale / Channel


Also channel.A broad, thick plank that projects horizontally from each of a ship’s sides abreast a mast (distinguished as the fore, main, or mizzen channel accordingly), serving to extend the base for the shrouds, which support the mast. chains Small platforms built into the sides of a ship to spread the shrouds to a more advantageous angle. Also used as a platform for manual depth sounding.

Lining up my Chains
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Upper Rubbing Strake and Chains

I would normally make these two separate Blog Posts however, the Channels go right over the Rubbing Strake, so they are pretty integrated.

Bending Planks

The Planks I’m using are 1.5x3mm Basswood. I started using Walnut, however I ditched that in favor of the Basswood.

After a lot of hemming and hawing, I decided to paint both the Upper Rubbing Strake and Channels a Flat White Color.

Ruler athwart ship

That Ruler is so I can see exactly where the 1st Line of the Shrouds will go…

Repaired a couple of Channels

While I’m here, I might as well talk about what a piss-poor job of Laser Cutting that Artesania Latina did for these Pre-Cut Parts!!! .. I mean, you are basically PAYING for these parts to be thoroughly cut! .. Else, you would go out and buy the wood yourself and cut all the pieces!!!

Glued the Channels to the Upper Rubbing Strake.

Pre-fitting Strake/Chain Combo
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Painting Upper Hull

Masking off Hull

I will be using this color for the Upper Hull…


I had to give it 2 Coats because with only one coat, the yellow wood and blue came out kind of greenish… 🤔🙄😲

Starboard side
Port side

See where I messed up??? .. Exactly .


Beacon Blue over old Blue

This is the closest Blue that I could get at Home Depot. It’s a BEHR Premium Plus Bottle that costs $7.00 Bucks… 🙄🤔

Beacon Blue
finished painting Upper Hull/Outer Bulwarks

Couple of messy parts which will easily be covered up with the Upper Rubbing Strake / Chains Combo

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Gun Port Hatches

Here I’m making the Gun Port Hatches. There are 6 of them around the level of the Upper Rubbing Strakes.

1x2mm Bokapi

Bokapi Wood looks very similar to Mahogany to me… 🤔🙄

I am gluing the Bokapi to a strip of flat basswood I had to glue together to come out to 12mm. I’m just using White Glue and finger pressing them tight until all the glue squeezes out and I wipe it off with a damp paper towel.

Hatches and Channels
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Gun Ports

First Gun Port

My first Gun Port. I figured I better cut all of these out before I do the Painting.

The Gun Port itself is 12x12mm.

For the Gun Port Doors, I’m making some. This kit didn’t really provide the adequate parts so I had to make my own out of spare Lumber that I have.

Making Gun Port Doors
X-Acto with #24 Blade

X-Acto #24 Precision Blades is my main tool for this. I carefully push it into the wood. Unfortunately for this first Door, I went right into a Bulkhead!!! .. 🤔🙄😲

As you can see, I used some Masking Tape, which I cut right through! ..

Starboard side
Marking it out

I’m really annoyed with myself that I accidentally made the 4 Stern most Gun Ports too big. They are supposed to be 10mm Square and I made them 12mm Square and 13 in one case!!! .. Why did I do that???!!! .. Fuck if I know!!! .. 🤔🙄😲

So annoyed with myself!!!

The 2 Forward most Gun Ports are 10mm Square though.

Port side is correct… I screwed up on the Starboard side but I am not going to mention it because it will be barely noticeable…

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Stern Gallery Planking

The Instructions called for 1.5x2mm Bokapi Planks for the Gallery Planking but I decided to use some spare .5x5mm Walnut Planks which I had lying around which I used my mini Table Saw to cut down to 2.5mm.

Sanding down the Gallery

I’m using some .5x5mm Walnut Planks which I cut down to 2.5mm. 🤔🙄

I also used Contact Cement.

Going up between Windows

I had to put those .5mm Strips inside the Windows to bring out the Windows more than they were.

Middle Window

I ended up cracking in two the Center Window as I was trying to fit it in the middle slot…

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Wale Starboard

Starboard Wale drying

So… I chose a couple of Planter Hooks to hang a Line so I could dangle these Clips to hold the Planks as they dry…

Line held taut by the 5 lbs weight
Bow view
Side view
Rear view
Starboard side done
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Wale at the Stern

Here’s a picture of the Port Wale at the Stern…

From the side
Stern view

I may have forgotten to mention that I used DAP Weldwood Contact Cement on the Wale Hull contact… Wood on Wood with the exception of the very Forward part where there was the most pressure and the very Stern where I used SuperGlue.

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Wale Port

I had the Walnut Wood Strips 1.5 x 3mm soaking in Water + Glycerin for almost 24 hours. I had no problem bending it.

Form Shaping

These DeWalt Clamps only go so deep. The Wale will be down below the Sapelle Wood.

Port side
All the Wale pre-bent
Painting on some Primer
First Wale in

I used Contact Cement and in some spots SuperGlue.

I added SuperGlue on the very end
Port side done

Yeah… I put another coat of Black paint on it…

2nd Coat

I always feel like an Able Bodies Seaman sitting in a Bosun’s Chair while painting over the dings in the Wale up some river in England… 🙄🤔

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