Thoughts as I near completion

I was reading some of the Posts in one of my Model Shipbuild Groups on Facebook. Well, this guy was working on this really small project. I mean, it was such a tiny scale that I believe the guy needed some great optics in order to work on it.

Anyway, he commented that as he was nearing the completion of his project, he was beginning to experience sadness.

I didn’t comment on his comment, perhaps I should have? But I thought maybe I’ll just comment on it here.

I can relate to how he feels. As I’m nearing completion, I’m beginning to feel that same sort of sadness and somewhat melancholy feeling myself. Of course, I do feel that tendency anyway with most of my art projects. I often go through a period of melancholy after I complete it. I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in experiencing that emotion as many artists can probably relate.

Well, I’m climbing up the Main Mast now. I’ve completed the Sail and Yard for the Main Course. All I have to do is to tie off the Sheets. I’m waiting on that part until I have all of them ready to tie off because I may have to do some things that may be required as perhaps “cheating” because I from a practical standpoint, I simply cannot reach the places I need to reach to be able to adequately tie off the line to the Belaying Pins! I tried all kinds of stuff yesterday on this one line with a lot of frustration! And for what? I wonder how many people will actually look at it and admire the work that I did on it? Probably not many.

So, from that standpoint, I’m going to cheat a bit in order to achieve my goal. I do want to begin my next project. Although, I’m not sure whether or not I’ll take a bit of a break or not before beginning the new one. I might do some Watercoloring just to relax a bit. I have been thinking about taking on some more Wave dynamic artwork. I was talking to my friend Pauline about it yesterday. About being able to capture Wave action.

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