Strakes 3 & 4

Shape Bending Strakes 3 & 4

I had these next 2 Strakes soaking since yesterday so it has been close to 24 hours!

Starboard side Strake #3
Port Side Strake #3

I’m kind of sick of what happened… I had to use a Cheater on the Port Side which doesn’t even up with the Starboard…

Meh… Most of the Ships had some sort of unevenness.

Long Cheater

I had to make a long Cheater for Strake #3 in order to even it out.

I ordered some .6x5mm Maple Wood for the 2nd Planking.

#4 Strake

I just made 1 long piece and bent it around the Hull for these initial Strakes.

#4 Bow
#4 Strake Port Side
Starboard Side #4 Strake
Starboard Side done… It’s a lot cleaner than the Port. .. 🙄🤔
Port Side. .. Not as clean. .. 🙄🤔😫

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