Strakes #7 & #8 from Sheer Strake

Tapering into middle

I am going to Taper the 5mm Plank from the middle out to 16cm each side. I then run the taper in so that the center width is 2.85mm

Center width 2.85mm WA
Bending Bow
Making Cheaters

I had to make some Cheaters for the #7 Strake because the bend at the last Stern Bulkhead became too severe.

Bending #7 & #8 Planks

#7 has become a Cheater and there is 1 less Plank. So I guess I’ll have to take that into account for future Plank measurements. 🤔🙄

Rough gluing to Transom Port Side

Above includes the #7 Plank that becomes a Cheater and the next Plank down is #8.

After this whole thing is dry, I am going to do a Cut-out along the last Bulkhead so the Planks will tuck in under the Rudder Plate. .. which I haven’t installed yet.

#7 Strake Port side done…

I have an idea about how to do the #8 Strake going to the Bow. I will Pre-Taper it from 16cm from Center from 5mm to 2.85mm

Using Dowel to extend Reach

I probably have to figure out a way to make a Base for the Vise… This will “Do” for now… 🤔🙄😲

I’m sneaking in another Plank Bend…
#8 Strake Starboard side done
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