Strake #13 from Sheer Strake

The Bends in Strake #13

Above was after form bending #13 from Bow to Stern.

I might have forgotten to mention that I have changed the 1.5 x 5mm Strake Wood from Bokapi Wood, which Artesania Latina provided me with to Basswood.

Starke #13 Starboard side
Bamboo Vise
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2 thoughts on “Strake #13 from Sheer Strake

  1. Frank Woolsey

    Enjoyed your photos,good information and a good eye to detail ,, even tho you questioned it ,Lol
    I want to thank you for the studding sail information
    I was searching for info online and they led you to me .
    I am in the middle of building the Kate Corey .The plans vaguely show “stunsails”,and most of my model books go over it vaguely,so thanks again and hope your planks bend straight and true

    1. derschiffbauer

      Thanks, Frank for the Comment!!! .. I only made this Blog to keep track of what I did to my Build. Well… I was surprised to see that I get so many Views every day! .. Anyway, I noticed that I’ve come up on Google Rankings so I’m coming up on many Google Searches, LOL!!! Good job on your Ship! How are you coming on it??


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