#16 & #17 Strake from Keel

#16 Strake form bending Starboard side
#16 Strake Port Side

I found those Clamps work really well for holding the Strakes down on the Stern Post.

Gap in Wood

Hmmm… There’s a bit of a Gap from where #15 left off and where #16 joins it. Nothing that a little Sawdust and Glue won’t fix. I’m old school… 🤔🙄👍

Form shaping #17

Looks like I’m going to have to tuck the #16 in after I shape the front portion of it with a point.

Using the Big Clamps
The reason I only have the 1 Ship is because I gave my other Ships away… 🤔🙄
Port Side #16 # #17
Starboard side
#17 Strake Form Shaping

I only had the Wood soaking for around an hour. It easily bends around the Stern Section no heat needed. 🙄🤔

Hmmm… I can’t find anything that will Clamp down on the Stern bit of 17 so I’m going to use Contact Cement and Superglue…

Contact Cement drying
Contact Cement and Superglue Back

Don’t laugh! Contact Cement and Superglue works great! .. Of course the Superglue is applied after, into the cracks.. 🤔🙄

Even though it’s Superglue, I still let it harden before continuing…


I put a Wedge in to push #7 up against #16.

#17 done
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