Second Planking Planks A – E

I put my Brush in a Large Pill Bottle so that it would stay moist the entire time I’m using it. Otherwise, if you leave it out, it will dry on you.

Pill Bottle for Glue and Brush
First Strake in

I’m using the .5mm x 5mm Sapelle Wood for the outer layer. It’s very similar to Mahogany. I had to special order some from eBay.

I am going to go with convention and call the Garboard Strake as the A Plank.

Port side

I glued in 5 Strakes without any Tapers. But now I will have to Taper down to 3.33mm to make them all fit to where the Wale are.

I wasn’t liking how the Planks met the Stem so I ended up putting Fillers in the Gaps.


It’s got a rough look but I like it. You have to figure a Ship like the HMS Endeavor was going to take a lot of punishment, going down to the Antarctic, etc. 🤔🙄😲


Garboard strakes or A strakes. The next two are the first broad or B strake and second broad or C strake. Working upward come the bottom strakes, lowers, bilge strakes, topside strakes, and uppers also named sequentially as the D strake, E strake, etc. The uppermost along the topsides is called the sheer strake. Strakes are joined to the stem by their hood ends.

A-F done both sides
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