Bitts for Main Bulwarks Rails

This is some painstaking work making these Tiny Bitts…


The Pieces the kit gives you are these 4×4 Mansonia pieces which I have to round out the bottom and use a Razor Blade and File to shape into the Bitts.

Hard to get a clear picture

The Bottom is what they gave me.

I first used a Square File and rounded the square to a small dowel.

I file it round
I razor in approx 1.5mm
Finished Bitt

Once you Razor in around 1.5mm from the bottom, you Razor in from the top down at a slight angle, holding it with some Parallel Grip Pliers at an angle and use the X-Acto like a Plane and slice down being careful to stop as you approach the Razored in line…

At least this Manzoni Wood is pretty strong for the Bitts.

Beginning of my Bitt Mass Production
Doing Mass Production

Can you believe that the Kit gave you only EXACTLY 34 3x4x15mm pre rough cut pieces?!?!!!! .. I’m surprised they didn’t just give you a piece of 3x4mm and tell you to cut your own pieces!!! .. 🤔🙄😲

Bitt Construction

I’ve had to keep making new ones. It has taken me nearly 2 weeks to make 34 of them I am ashamed to say!!! .. I keep striving to have them even!!! .. 🤔🙄😲

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