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#10 & #11 Strake from Keel

Gluing in Port side #10 Strake

I snapped the #10 Strake on the Starboard side so I’m making a whole new one. I must be careful from now on and use heat when bending across radical bends like over the Bow.

I had to make 2 Specially Shaped Planks for #11. #10 had to take too radical of a turn. I guess you can call it a built-in Cheater.

Specially Shaped #11

I made a built in Cheater since it was getting difficult to go around the Bow. I applied a lot of heat on the Port side and it came out smoother than the Starboard.

Planks to Bow Stem

I had to make them wide to relieve some Stress as the Planks go around the Bend.