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Strake #15 from Sheer Strake

#15 Strake shaping
#15 Strake to Transom
Starboard side as #15 meets Stern Post

I’m worried because my calculations didn’t come out exactly. I will make it work.

Clip to Push #15 down in the Stern to bend into the Stern Post
#15 as it butts against Stern Post…

The rest of the Strakes will butt against the base of the Stern Post. 🤔🙄

#15 Strake shape forming

I only went with the After part of the ship on this one because the portion of Strake that lays again the Sternpost has to be exact so I didn’t want to risk making 1 Strake that goes from Bow to Stern.

As I get closer to closing it up, it gets harder to clamp.

A little over 3 mm
Form shaping bow portion #15
Bamboo Rubberband Clamp
Clamping down #15
Using the Rubberband Clamps

I’m using my Rubberband Clamps more and more to press the Planks flat against the Bulkhead…

I have a feeling that I’m going to need a long Cheater… 🤔🙄