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#8 & #9 Strake from Keel

5mm worth of Area

The Strakes coming up, I tapered down to 3mm from Bulkhead #2. At the angle that the Strake is coming in, it is actually taking up 5mm worth of space. Next Strake, I tapered even further so I have room for all the Strakes coming forward…

Clamping in Port side
#8 Strake formed
#9 Strake

#9 Strake Planed down the Tapers. Ready for the Soaking…

Tapers to Bow

I use 1/4 Cup Ammonia and then fill the Soaker with Boiling Water. I usually let it soak for like 5-6 Hours… But I’ve also let them soak overnight.

Form bending #9
Planks bending into the Stem
Came up around 1.5mm off

Like my son says – “You’re the only one that will know it’s there!!! …” 🤔🙄🤣

#9 Strake done