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Strake #9 & #10 from Sheer Strake

Rubber Band Vise

I couldn’t find a convenient way to hold these Planks to form them on the Transom so I utilized a couple of Bamboo Sticks with Rubber Band to hold it.

They seemed to have bent good

I almost used my Steam Iron to help bend it but I found I could bend it without heat. It only broke a little…

That’s the only crack

Easy to repair that crack.

What I was most worried about was the hard bending as it goes around the Bulkheads. But it seemed to have turned out okay… .. 🙄🤔👍

Not too bad…

This Rubber Band Vise is coming in handy… 🤔🙄👍

I’m thinking I might need another Cheater??? 🤔🙄

Bow portion shaping

This is the #9 Strake Bow portion. I went from 16cm out from center to center at 2.85mm.

All in all, this was an easy Steaks except for the Stern portion which was a monster! ..

#10 Strake Port Side
Bamboo and Rubber Band Vise
Strake #10 done

I added those Holes to provide anchor points for Vises.