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Third Planking Upper Hull

Third Planking

Here I’m essentially doing a Third Planking because I screwed up with the Gun Ports!!! .. I DO like the cleaner look though… 🙄🤔👍

I’m telling myself that the HM Bark Endeavor was well reinforced for the Antarctic / Arctic conditions…

Lines look so much cleaner
Starboard side done

I have a sliver of a gap from the last Plank to the Wale. It’s barely perceptible so I’m just going to leave it… 🙄🤔

That sliver …

That sliver isn’t worth it… Yet… It will drive me crazy until I fix it!!! .. 🙄🤔😲

From Bow

Painting Upper Hull

Masking off Hull

I will be using this color for the Upper Hull…


I had to give it 2 Coats because with only one coat, the yellow wood and blue came out kind of greenish… 🤔🙄😲

Starboard side
Port side

See where I messed up??? .. Exactly .


Beacon Blue over old Blue

This is the closest Blue that I could get at Home Depot. It’s a BEHR Premium Plus Bottle that costs $7.00 Bucks… 🙄🤔

Beacon Blue
finished painting Upper Hull/Outer Bulwarks

Couple of messy parts which will easily be covered up with the Upper Rubbing Strake / Chains Combo