5/6/19 Started Mainmast

I’m starting the Mainmast. I have no idea how I did it, but I ended up losing a part that connects the top mast to the lower mast. Very annoying. I spent a better part of about an hour making a whole new one. No doubt I will find it after the Mast is all together. I doesn’t look too bad. As a matter of fact, it looks better than the piece that came with the kit.

The connecting piece above the Top is what I made.

After the Foremast, I had to take a break for a couple of days. Tying all those Blocks to the Mast is very minuscule and tedious. I have a lot of rigging to look forward to.

The Knot that I used to secure the Block lines to the Mast was to take a string and tie a Rolling-Hitch Knot. Then I used a Taut-line Hitch to tie the string to the Block.

With both Masts in but unglued. The Mainmast still has to be sanded, primed and painted
The Line is secured to Mast with Rolling-Hitch and to the Blocks using a Taut-line Knot

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