Airbrush System

So I just received and installed my Airbrush Set-up. I was getting tired of getting uneven layers so I thought maybe an Airbrush would do the trick. This system isn’t too bad. It came with 3 different Brushes. I’m using the one with the bottle right now, but I have 2 other ones that are Gravity Fed.


I think the Compressor was probably the most expensive item of the lot. It was still pretty cheap I thought. Came in at $119 bucks?

One of the things that I got, aside from all the Primary Colors was this stuff called

Airbrush Reducer & Extender Base 
Designed to make the airbrush colors thinner, increase color transparency and improve the color flow with smaller tipped airbrushes. Contains acrylic based binders to ensure that you do not lose any paint quality when reducing it further for any desired effect.

Apparently it’s used to thin color out and make it less opaque.

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